Perfect white teeth – Bleaching


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For stained teeth, where the professional oral cleaning doesn´t give the desired results, we offer the possibility of teeth bleaching (whitening).

Bleaching of only one piece of a very stained canine (front lateral tooth) before and after treatment.



Homebleaching treatment

First we determine why the teeth are so stained, as not in all cases does bleaching achieve the desired results.

In the bleaching of only one piece the tooth is directly filled with a gel that removes the pigments that damage the enamel and the dentine.
Our dental technicians make the splints for home bleaching individually for you after taking a mould.

Home Bleaching

Home Bleaching; click to maximize

The gel takes some days to work.

But this method can only be used in teeth that retain the root.

For home bleaching we prepare for you a plastic splint which is filled with gel and can be applied at home 2 or 3 hours a day for two weeks.
The oxygen released by the gel whitens the teeth.


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