Advice & Prophylaxis

Advice for maintenance of healthy teeth and gums

Personal dental hygiene can be considerably improved by means of:

  • the use of an adequate toothbrush
  • the use of the correct brushing technique
  • the cleaning of the spaces between the teeth (with dental floss of inter dental toothbrush)
  • the use of adequate mouthwash (on a basis of clorhexidin)
  • the chewing sugar free gum (increases saliva)
  • an application of fluoride gel (for example, Elmex Gel®)
  • a professional cleaning

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Our service available to you

This advice shows the most important ways of maintaining healthy gums and teeth.

Healthy Teeth - all you need If you should require any additional information about dental hygiene, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will, with pleasure, describe in detail the aspects of dental hygiene and demonstrate the correct brushing technique.

Also, as one of the services offered by our surgery we remind you of your regular prevention appointments with a telephone call.
If you would like to make use of this service please inform one of our colleagues on reception.









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