Better to prevent than to drill

Hereinafter we try to explain the origin of cavities and gum infections and describe how to prevent these illnesses with a specific prophylactic program.

The preventative program consists of the following points:

  • Instructions for ideal dental hygiene
  • Mechanical and professional cleaning with tartrectonomy
  • Elimination of soft tartar
  • Elimination of hard tartar, also in zones which are difficult to access
  • Elimination of staining caused by nicotine, tea, coffee, etc.with special cleaning using an air jet
  • Final polishing of all dental surfaces
  • Possible application of a fluoride lacquer to prevent cavities
  • Possible elimination of bacteria using antibacterial mouthwash solutions
  • Nutritional advice

Plaque: The great danger

The popular belief continues that cavities are a hereditary illness – but this is not true.
Today we know that it is bacteria which cause cavities.


While products which contain sugar quickly contaminate the mouth, cooked starch remains there a relatively long time.


Plaque under the microscope


Advanced periodontitis

The bacteria produce very aggressive acids which attack the enamel and sooner or later cause cavities. Complaints of the teeths fixing system are also caused by bacterial plaque.

Only those people who daily clean and care for their teeth and gums can prevent cavities and gum pain.
Prevention consists of personal dental hygiene and a professional preventative program carried out by a dentist and his team.

Professional cleaning

Condition before professional cleaning

Professional cleaning

Condition after professional cleaning









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