Conservative Dentistry

If, in spite of preventative measures, a tooth is damaged, it’s preservation is a priority within any treatment.

Measures for treating a damaged tooth, ie. to eliminate the causes of the damage as well as to repair the existing damage and to reproduce the exterior appearance, form part of the dental preservation process. This can be by means of an endodoncy or by treatment of the anchorage of the tooth in the jawbone.

The objective is always the preservation of the teeth for as long as possible. In the treatment of dental defects, it is an absolute priority in my dental practice, to take out the minimum healthy dental substance possible, only removing the damaged parts. To achieve this objective we also use instruments such as five fold magnifying glasses, which allow me to perform the treatment with the greatest care. When there is a dental defect then we consider the question of which filling material is the most suitable.


Conservative dentistry

Fivefold magnifying glasses with internal xenon light source.








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