I write to thank you for the special care you gave me when I was very nervous patient. I had very bad experiences
previously but you gave me confidence again. You really listened to what my problems were and dealt with them
efficiently and gently.
I recommend you to everyone I know. You have given me faith that there are still dedicated professionals out there, and what is more, my teeth look wonderful.
Thank you very much again

Mrs. Patricia W
Thank you for my new smile which has made a huge difference to my life. At first I couldn’t get used to it and wasn’t even sure how much I liked it as it didn’t feel quite like me!! However, once used to it I now think it is wonderful and wouldn’t go back for all the tea in China as they say.

I mention this only so that you may quote me if any of your patients have similar doubts or concerns in the immediate post treatment phase. When something is very different (even when better) it takes a little while to adjust to it so you just have to give yourself time, but I can tell you that I am very very grateful. I look and feel much better than before and the treatment and care received from you and your team was excellent.

Many thanks again

Mrs. Kathryn F
I am still smiling !!!!! Christmas photos will be a bit different this year. Thank you.

Mr. H. Mr. H. Mr. H. Mr. H.

Mr. Rob H
I would like to personally thank you for the excellent care that I received at your dental clinic on my recent visit to Marbella. The precision and accuracy you applied in fitting my five veneers and my four lower crowns was much appreciated. Little did I know that after one consultation and two fittings that I would have the best smile in Dublin!

Once Again….. Thank You

Mrs. Judith B

many thanks for the treatment. I have had no discomfort.

I would like to return next year ( 2009) to have improvements in the lower gum.

Mrs. Josephine L

Just a short message. It has been a year since we first came to see you with regard to Roy´s teeth.
We were so pleased with the service we received and still are. We recommended you to so many people.

Hope you are both well and one day we would like to come back to visit yourselves.
Again many thanks!

Mrs. und Mr. S

I just want to say a big thank-you for putting me in touch with Dr Koller it was a pleasure to meet him and his wife. This is the first time in 37 years that i have had any chance of realising my dream.

Once again thank-you.

Best Regards.


Mrs. Mary H

Only now I have got with my dentist in Munich an appointment for the manufacture of a prosthesis which I have lost on my vacation at the beginning of September in Marbella with the swimming in the sea. Since this time I carry from you in the 06.09.2011 made temporary partial denture. I would not like to miss, say you repeated thanks for this work with which you have saved the rest of my holiday.

The “construction” (within two days!!) till present has wonderfully helped and I appreciate this the more, because one must wait in Germany for weeks for an appointment of treatment.

To call happily the patients who have found a doctor like you in Marbella!

In this sense, with the best greetings from Munich and all the best wishes

Wera M.

Frau Wera M

Dear Mr. Prof. Koller:

I would like to thank quite warmly for the performed work. You really have helped me in spite of my heavy illness and the immune weakness linked with it. Not only that you have done all conceivable one to help me, you also have exerted yourselve in spite of difficulties with the health insurance scheme, what has also led to success.

I have felt as a patient with you and your staff very well and also had from the first day  the trust to have selected the right dentist who thinks highly of quality and knows what he speaks of.

I can only recommend you, because unfortunately there are only a few that are so great.


Herr W. aus Mijas

Thank you for everything.

Excellent results, good price-achievement relation, very uprightly.

Frau Vicky B, aus Linkedin








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