Removable prosthesis


Partial prosthesis fixed on with hooks

Partial prosthesisA partial prosthesis is a removable prosthesis, which can be attached in the upper or lower jaw, for patients with own teeth.
A partial prosthesis consists of a basic structure supporting the artificial teeth and which is attached by means of elements which are fixed and supported by the remaining teeth.
It is attached by a curved peg fixed to the remaining teeth. This method is not a permanent solution, since the teeth can be damaged or loosened by the fixing elements.

Combined prosthesiss

Combined prosthesisThe combined prosthesis is a more complicated type of attachment to the remaining teeth.
It lacks the unattractive pegs, the fixing teeth are better protected from cavities and it is considerably more comfortable.


Combined prosthesis

The original crowned teeth are fixed to the artificial teeth by means of anchors, pressure buttons or teslescopics.
For it to be long-lasting, dental hygiene and regular check ups are extremely important preventative measures.

Total prosthesis

Total prosthesis

Total prosthesis is used when there are no longer natural teeth.
This type of artificial tooth can be used in the upper or lower jaw and is fixed by means of the saliva in the mucus.
However, the more reduced the jawbone, the worse is the connection with the prosthesis. The loss of the teeth brings about the partial reduction of the jawbone.
In that case we recomend the artificial roots (impants).








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