Healthy Gums

How to get a perfect smile

The attractiveness and personality of a person depends to a large degree on the appearance of their mouth.
Perfect healthy teeth are a symbol of being fit, being successful and quality of life.
People with a charming smile, perfect shiny, white teeth and healthy gums seem attractive and full of happiness and vitality!

Modern methods of cosmetic dentistry make it easier to achieve a perfect smile.
We will continue by explaining what we can achieve using the new methods, where the limits are and everything one has to keep in mind.

The foundation – healthy gums.

Treating the gums in time, depends on the depth of the cavity and uses an intense cleaning of the teeth, preventing decay step by step.
With a professional prophylactic programme one can prevent gingivitis ( inflammation of the gums ) in a simple way.

Healthy gums Healthy gums
The healthy gum is firm, pink with a gently undulating appearance. An unhealthy gum is however dark red, bleeds easily and from time to time hurts in an unpleasant way.








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